Bid Day Basket FAQ's

We are so excited to be part of you and your student's Clemson Recruitment experience! Please read through the following FAQ's and contact The Fizz if you have any additional questions or concerns.

What is a Bid Day Basket?

A Bid Day Basket is a special surprise sent to new members once they have accepted a bid. We will receive new member lists for each sorority on Bid Day. 

If we run out of a product you want, a product of equal or more value will be replaced in the package. In this case, you will be contacted. Exchanges may only be made for other Greek merchandise. 

How do I order?

Order online, in store, or over the phone at (864) 508-1041. Let us know if there's anything we can help you with! 

How will my student know they are getting a gift?

We will send your student a text notifying them when their Bid Day Basket is ready for pickup. Gifts are typically ready within 1-2 days after Bid Day. 

When is the deadline to order?

August 20th is the deadline to place a Bid Day order. We recommend placing orders early. All orders are filled in the order they were placed. So the earlier the better! 

How will we know which sorority she will receive a bid from?

The Fizz will receive a “bid list” from the Clemson University Panhellenic Association. We will not know which sorority the girls will accept until we receive this list from Panhellenic, as it is confidential. If we do not see your daughter’s name on this list, we will call you to make sure this is correct.

Can I make my own package or order one item?

After all bid day baskets are fulfilled, we will have the remaining items available for individual sale. We recommend pre-ordering a basket, since we can’t guarantee that we will have extra inventory after baskets are fulfilled.

What will happen if a girl does not receive a bid?

If a girl’s name is not on the Bid Day list, The Fizz will call you to confirm that this is correct. If she does not receive a bid, you will have the option to either send her a “happy gift,” a non-Greek item, or get a refund.

What will happen if a girl does not accept a bid?

If your daughter does not accept the bid she got on Bid Day please email or call us to cancel your package. Otherwise, the gift will still be fulfilled because we will have no way of knowing she did not accept the bid she received.  

Still have a question? Please reach out to us! We are happy to help.

(864) 722-5105